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Singapore, Singapore

About Us

Vouch is an award-winning travel-tech company that offers hoteliers digital solutions for enhancing guest experience, maximising revenue and optimising operational efficiency.

Headquartered in Singapore, with operations in South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam and China, our flagship guest experience platform is deployed in some of the best hotels worldwide.

As an ISO/IEC 27001 certified and Singapore government-accredited company, we are committed to the highest level of data security and reliability. Our dedicated teams of former hoteliers offer around-the-clock support and monitoring to ensure that every deployment delivers exceptional results.

With our dedication to customer satisfaction and strong track record of success, Vouch continues to establish itself as a leader in the travel-tech space.

More Details

Vouch’s app-less platform allows guests to mobile check-in, order room service, make facilities bookings, request items, and get immediate answers to their queries 24/7 – all from the convenience of their mobile phones. With the manpower saved from automating and streamlining operations, your hotel staff will finally have the time to take their service to the next level.

Every Vouch product comes fully integrated with revenue generating features that automate selling in a timely and seamless approach.


Bespoke by Vouch is a powerful pre-arrival platform where guests can add-on experiences and customise their stay at your property through targeted personalised offers. This platform enables complete back-end control on how your hotel upsells rooms and cross-sells services for every guest in advance.


Integrated with Oracle Hospitality OPERA 5.6, together with Singapore Tourism Board’s E-Visitor Authentication (EVA) and hotel payment partners, our Hotel Mobile Check-In enables a fully automated check-in and check-out process. Allow your guests fast and simple self-check-in as part of their hotel experience, done entirely through their mobile phones prior to their arrival. There are no more waiting lines at check-in/out hours, only exceptional reception from the start of their stay.


Allow your guests the convenience of retrieving answers to questions about your hotel instantly and efficiently, without having to ring the call centre. With an interactive interface, your guests will be spending more time consuming information from the digital concierge than a physical compendium.


Skip the call centre and provide your guests a platform to place room requests through their mobile phones from their rooms. Most importantly, the housekeeping team can be more efficient with a real-time communication channel, and requests will be fulfilled promptly as housekeepers move about the property.


Avoid disappointed and frustrated guests by giving them self-serviced access to make bookings for facilities before and during their hotel stay. Vouch’s Facilities Booking system allows your hotel complete back-end control on a single platform. Our Facilities Booking system is adopted by many reputable hospitality brands including Andaz Singapore, Grant Hyatt Singapore, and more.


Digitising the dining experience is easier than you think. Vouch’s contactless dining system is uncomplicated for customers and back-end users to navigate and allows flexible modifications such as add-ons, variations, and allergen warnings. Available for Room Service, Restaurant Dining and Takeaway.