Hospo Partners FAQs

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

Just go to login, click forgot password and type in your email; a link will be sent to your registered e-mail account. Follow the instructions to reset your password.

Who can join Hospo.life?

Any hospitality and tourism related business, school or supplier can join Hospo.life.

Can all suppliers and service providers sign up for a Hospo Business Membership?

Whilst all businesses can sign up for a Hospo Business Membership, there is a one-time validation process. The very first time you sign up you will have to ‘request for listing’ and the average approval period is 3-5 business days.

Why should my business join?

When you join Hospo.life you gain access to a world of possibilities to showcase your business at affordable pricing, to connect with like-minded people, to find your next client, or team member and ultimately boost your business to the next level.

When can I join?

You can join Hospo.life anytime. Once you are signed up you can easily manage all your account settings and tailor your pages to your own brand standards.

How do I sign up my business?

It’s easy! Go to the Hospo Member page to create an account, pick a subscription plan, set up your business and start communicating with, and offering your services to, other Hospo Members.

How do I sign up as a business group (multiple properties)?

The online subscription packages are for standalone businesses. If you are a group or have multiple businesses, please contact us directly so that we can provide you with a discounted multiple business/group code.

What is the cost of joining?

Becoming a Hospo.life member and joining the Hospo Friends community is free of charge. Affordable packages for the different Hospo.life business services are available after your account set up. Just go to subscription plans and pick the one most suitable to your business needs.

How are payments made?

Payments are made through credit cards at checkout. If your company prefers to pay through invoice please contact us.  Requested business services are not fully activated until payment is received.

How do I start trending on the Hospo Partners landing page?

Listings start trending when they gain interest – and clicks! – from the community. To increase your chances, make sure your listing looks great and that it’s interesting and relevant. The better and more up-to-date your listing is, the more chance it will rise to the top!

How do I purchase advertising space or get my listing featured on the Hospo Suppliers page?

Please contact us directly for a quotation if you are interested in having your listing featured or advertising on our platform.

How do I have my story or craft showcased in Partner News?

If you are an artisan, supplier or hospitality association and would like to be featured then go to the Partner News page, click Feature Our Story, and complete the form for our review. We may feature it or contact you for more information.

What does it take to be featured on the Hospo Supporters page?

Any business that takes action to contribute to the hospitality industry in a meaningful and impactful way can be featured. This can be in support of people, the environment, business recovery or any other avenue that makes a difference to the industry and the people in it.

How can I reach other Hospo.life members?

It’s easy! After you sign up your business you will get a Hospo Friends partner account through which you can start connecting with other Hospo Members.

How can I maximize my exposure on Hospo.life?

Hospo.life offers many ways to promote your business. Make sure that you utilise all the different options to create an interesting business page, create offers specially for the members, get trending, utilise Hospo Friends to communicate relevant information (no straight advertising), add value to the community by utilising Hospo Advisory and be a Guest Author or Speaker. There is also the possibility to advertise or have your listing featured.

What happens with my company’s information?

We recognise that your privacy is essential, and we take it seriously. Please see our Privacy Policy for further details.

Why is some of my information missing from my listing?

As business sizes and needs vary, some of the details and features are optional or can be toggled on and off as required. If you have entered information which isn’t showing, please ensure that you have selected ‘Yes’ to make that field visible.

Products and services visibility can be managed on the My Products & Services page.

How do I add a map to my listing?

The link to embed a map can be found in Google Maps; you must be on the website, not in the app. To find the link, search for your business or address and click the ‘share’ button. Click ‘Embed a map’ and copy the HTML. You need to enter in only the text between the ” ” when you paste it in, an example can be found below the Map field on My Business Page Details.

Why do the images on my listing appear to be stretched, cut off or blurry?

Images must be of the right size and quality to look their best in your listing. Be sure you are starting with an image that is of high enough resolution and use the link provided to re-size them if required. Images of a very low quality or resolution may look blurry when re-sized.

Which of the images from my gallery will appear on my listing page?

The four most recently added images show on the main page of your listing.  The rest can be viewed by clicking ‘See More’.

Why can't I see my business listing in the Hospo Friends community?

Business listings will only appear in Hospo Friends after you have completed your Business Profile Details and subscribed. For initial accounts, approval is required to complete the process and can take 3-5 business days.

How can I edit my Hospo Friends profile?

When you are in Hospo Community or other sections of Hospo Friends, your profile can be accessed by clicking the down arrow next to your profile picture on the top right of the screen. Alternatively, in Hospo Members you will find links to your Hospo Friends account under ‘My Account Details’ and ’Switch Accounts’.

Can my business post offers or advertise in Hospo Chatter?

There is no advertising allowed in Hospo Chatter.  If you would like to make an offer to the Hospo Community, please post this through Hospo Explorers.