Hospo Business

Do you have a new business or a new idea for which you need an artisan and/or supplier? Are you an artisan or supplier who wants to reach out to the hospitality and tourism industry but don’t know where to start? Either way, you are in the right place! The Hospo Partners platform was created because we understand that getting the appropriate connections and support is not always as simple as it sounds.

You will find artisans and suppliers from around the world who can assist you in the execution of your ideas and get you the products you need to run your business. Visit their individual pages to get more information and connect directly with them to find out more.

Also check out Hospo Artisans, where we talk to artisans and artists from around the world to see what makes them unique in their fields and how they potentially can support your business.

If you are an artisan and would like us to feature you, just click here to contact us. If you are a supplier to the hospitality and tourism industry and would like to showcase your business, click ‘Showcase my Business’. You can create your own partners page and will receive a Hospo Friends partners account so you can easily connect with other Hospo Members.

The Hospo Shop is a future feature where Hospo Suppliers and Artisans can create their own shop and sell directly to the Hospo Members. If you are interested in having your own shop, then visit the Hospo Shop to show your interest.

Let’s keep creating!