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Though advising and consulting are terms which are sometimes used interchangeably, there are some key differences in the services which are rendered, and in the results which can be achieved.

A consultant is typically brought in on a short term basis to help a client find a solution to a specific problem or constraint. With a defined scope, they may offer solutions or recommendations without looking at the business as a whole; in other words, they are problem solvers, but may not take into account the full spectrum of possible impacts from the chosen solution.

Advisors are problem definers. Where a consultant looks to provide an answer to a problem, an advisor seeks to offer a broader perspective and to assist the client to identify which of the possible solutions is the best one. Advisors offer suggestions and recommendations, yes, but they also encourage clients to think critically, to seek out resources and to develop and execute action plans.

An advisory relationship is often more long term, which means that advisors can not only assist with current problems but also provide early warnings about potentially emerging ones. They seek to arm clients with the information and encouragement needed to take personal responsibility for exploring options and making successful and meaningful decisions, possibly enhancing the business in addition to solving the issue at hand.

At Hospo.life, we seek to offer advisory-style services whether you are looking for assistance with a particular problem or more generalised advice. We are there for you whether you are temporarily stuck, need a second professional opinion or require additional expertise. We always tailor our advisory services to your required needs and budget – no matter the size or type of hospitality business you manage or own.

Our approach is to take a helicopter view of your business or project, to focus on building meaningful relationships with all stakeholders involved, to work cohesively in identifying any current or potential problems and to assist in resolving these matters that might hinder you from achieving your goals.

If you would like our assistance, then click ‘Assistance Please’ and complete the Hospo Business advisory form. We will review your request and have our most suitable advisor contact you to discuss how we can assist you best.


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When you’re working in a fast pace business with long and often odd hours, time is extremely precious. At Hospo.life we understand that in restaurants, cafes and bars classroom sessions are often not an option; when you need advice, you need it quick and to the point. This is where Hospo Advisory – The Restaurant, Café & Bar Series can be of great assistance – whether it is for yourself or for your business.


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Whilst Hospo.life’s main focus is to digitalise advisory as much as possible, we do understand that sometimes a face-to-face meeting or video call is needed. For hospitality businesses we do offer this service and have access to a wide range of expertise from pre-opening services to hospitality operations to revenue management and everything else in between.